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Prevention of damage from increase climate change

In the interests of prevention of damage from increased Climate Change by protecting the Greenbelt, South Staffordshire District Council must now automatically refuse any new Greenbelt developments applications and scrap all undeveloped SAD and Safeguarded site developments by returning them back into Greenbelt protection.

Not Specified
Monday, 18 October 2021
Monday, 18 April 2022
Gordon Fanthom
This petition currently has 44 signatures in total.
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Diane Alden
Amanda Baugh
George Blud
Anne Calvert
Barbara Clifton
Maureen Collins
Claire Collins
Lesley Collins
This petition has been reviewed and the following response has been offered:
As the petition did not meet the threshold for action, no further action will be taken.
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22/04/2022 09:33 Lorraine Fowkes Response ApprovedResponse Published
22/04/2022 09:31 Lorraine Fowkes  Response Awaiting Approval
19/04/2022 04:52(System Event)Petition Closed (responder emailed requesting response)Response Pending
19/04/2022 04:52(System Event)Petition Closed (responder emailed requesting response)Response Pending
06/01/2022 16:54Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Rachael SnellPetition Active
06/01/2022 07:47Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Steven MorrisPetition Active
05/01/2022 21:12Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Ian RobbPetition Active
05/01/2022 20:16Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Katie SmithPetition Active
05/01/2022 20:15Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Phil RhodesPetition Active
05/01/2022 20:13Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Melanie RhodesPetition Active

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