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Planning Committee
17 Jul 2018 - 18:30 to 20:30
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Additional Meeting Documents

  1. pdf 16.01054.FUL-Lyne Hill-05C - Alnwick - floor plans and elevations (376Kb)
  2. pdf 16.01054.FUL-Lyne Hill-07C - Hanbury - floor plans and elevations (329Kb)
  3. pdf 16.01054.FUL-Lyne Hill-08B - Hatfield - floor plans and elevations (318Kb)
  4. pdf 16.01054.FUL-Lyne Hill-11-1B - Morden - floor plans and elevations (Shared Ownership) (248Kb)
  5. pdf 16.01054.FUL-Lyne Hill-11C - Morden - floor plans and elevations (Private) (257Kb)
  6. pdf 16.01054.FUL-Lyne Hill-14C - Rufford - floor plans and elevations (333Kb)
  7. pdf 16.01054.FUL-Lyne Hill-LYN PL-01 M - Site Plan (4292Kb)
  8. pdf 17.00633.FUL-122 Streets Lane-Proposed Site Block Plan - amended 30.04.18 [2] (317Kb)
  9. pdf 17.00633.FUL-122 Streets Lane-Proposed Stable Block Floor Plan and Elevations - amended 05.12.17 (2228Kb)
  10. pdf 17.00959.FUL-Toft Farm-1 Location Plan (318Kb)
  11. pdf 17.00959.FUL-Toft Farm-2 Site Layout Plan (170Kb)
  12. pdf 17.00959.FUL-Toft Farm-3 Turkey Unit Elevations (209Kb)
  13. pdf 17.00959.FUL-Toft Farm-4 Turkey Unit Floor Plans (219Kb)
  14. pdf 17.00959.FUL-Toft Farm-5 Gate House Elevations (178Kb)
  15. pdf 17.00959.FUL-Toft Farm-6 Gas Tank and Water Tank (188Kb)
  16. pdf 17.00959.FUL-Toft Farm-7 Topographic Survey (731Kb)
  17. pdf 17.00959.FUL-Toft Farm-8 Sections (290Kb)
  18. pdf 17.00959.FUL-Toft Farm-9 Dead Bird Store (171Kb)
  19. pdf 17.00959.FUL-Toft Farm-Landscaping Plan REV A-Amended (897Kb)
  20. pdf 17.01022.OUT-Land north of Penkridge-Hedgerow Mitigation Plan Rev A (5761Kb)
  21. pdf 17.01022.OUT-Land north of Penkridge-Location Plan Rev B (229Kb)
  22. pdf 17.01022.OUT-Land north of Penkridge-Site Access Strategy (Overview) SK13_A (505Kb)
  23. pdf 17.01022.OUT-Land north of Penkridge-Site Access Strategy SK14_A (329Kb)
  24. pdf 17.01022.OUT-Land north of Penkridge-Sketch Master Plan REV D (3686Kb)
  25. pdf 18.00107.FUL-Old Mitre-Existing Block Plan (257Kb)
  26. pdf 18.00107.FUL-Old Mitre-Existing Elevations (256Kb)
  27. pdf 18.00107.FUL-Old Mitre-Proposed Elevations (416Kb)
  28. pdf 18.00107.FUL-Old Mitre-Proposed First and Second Floor GA Plan (258Kb)
  29. pdf 18.00107.FUL-Old Mitre-UPDATED M95(90)01A Proposed Block Plan (171Kb)
  30. pdf 18.00107.FUL-Old Mitre-UPDATED M95(PL)01A Proposed Ground Floor GA Plan (363Kb)
  31. pdf 18.00107.FUL-Old Mitre-UPDATED M95(PL)04A Proposed Sections (286Kb)
  32. pdf 18.00200.FUL-Mount Cottage REV C-Proposed plans and elevations (209Kb)
  33. pdf 18.00200.FUL-Mount Cottage-Existing and proposed garage plans (92Kb)
  34. pdf 18.00200.FUL-Mount Cottage-Existing plans and elevations (167Kb)
  35. pdf 18.00200.FUL-Mount Cottage-Location plan (107Kb)
  36. pdf 18.00200.FUL-Mount Cottage-Proposed site plan (106Kb)
  37. pdf 18.00269.ADV-The Four Ashes-Proposed Signage - elevation plan (45Kb)
  38. pdf 18.00269.ADV-The Four Ashes-Proposed Signage - indicative photo (148Kb)
  39. pdf 18.00269.ADV-The Four Ashes-Site Block Plan (91Kb)
  40. pdf 18.00269.ADV-The Four Ashes-Site Location Plan (68Kb)
  41. pdf 18.00270.FUL-The Four Ashes-Block Plan 1 - received 29.06.18 (139Kb)
  42. pdf 18.00270.FUL-The Four Ashes-Block Plan 2 - received 29.06.18 (107Kb)
  43. pdf 18.00270.FUL-The Four Ashes-Site Location (85Kb)
  44. pdf 18.00338.FUL-1 Broomhall Cottages-002 - Potential PD Block Plan (403Kb)
  45. pdf 18.00338.FUL-1 Broomhall Cottages-003 - Proposed Site Block Plan (396Kb)
  46. pdf 18.00338.FUL-1 Broomhall Cottages-060 - Proposed Ground Floor Plan (332Kb)
  47. pdf 18.00338.FUL-1 Broomhall Cottages-061 - Proposed First Floor Plan (332Kb)
  48. pdf 18.00338.FUL-1 Broomhall Cottages-067 - Proposed Dwelling Elevations (558Kb)
  49. pdf 18.00371.OUT-South Staffs Housing-Block Plan (238Kb)
  50. pdf 18.00371.OUT-South Staffs Housing-Site Location Plan - amended 27.06.18 (559Kb)
  51. pdf Update List (439Kb)

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