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If you have any recommendations or comments about any of the proposed decisions you should contact the appropriate member of the Cabinet.  

Recommendations or comments must be made on or before the date on which the decision is to be taken, or where the decision date is not stated within the Forward Plan within fourteen days of commencement of the plan period. 

To arrange an appointment with a Cabinet Member please telephone the Members Support Secretary on 01902 696254.

Documents listed may be inspected at least five working days before the decision is actioned.  The documents can be viewed at:

Council Offices
Wolverhampton Road
South Staffordshire
If you would like to take the opportunity to view any documentation, you can do this by arranging an appointment with:
The Monitoring Officer
Lorraine Fowkes
Director Legal and Governance
Council Offices
Wolverhampton Road
South Staffordshire
Telephone: (01902) 696469
Please note that the decision dates are indicative and are subject to change.  Please contact the above addressee if you wish to check the date for a particular item. 

Please click here to view Decisions made prior to May 2015.


ReferenceTitleDecision TypeDecision MakerStatus
 Page 4 of 10, items 31 to 40 of 94.
 Review of the Internal Audit CharterCommitteeAudit and Risk CommitteeImplemented
 Proposed Internal Audit Strategy and Plan 2022/23CommitteeAudit and Risk CommitteeImplemented
 Treasury Management Strategy and Prudential Indicators 2022/23 -2024/25CommitteeAudit and Risk CommitteeImplemented
 Proposal for Options for the future publication of the Council's Review MagazinePortfolioCouncillor Roger Lees J.P.Decision Confirmed
 Determination of Planning ApplicationsCommitteePlanning CommitteeImplemented
 Monthly Update ReportCommitteePlanning CommitteeImplemented
 Treasury Management Strategy and Prudential Indicators 2022/23 -2024/25CommitteeCabinetImplemented
 Staffordshire Sustainability Board - Vision 2022-2023CommitteeCabinetImplemented
 Proposal to repair and resurface the driveway leading into the Country ParkPortfolioCouncillor Len Bates B.E.M.Decision Confirmed
 Proposal to approve the introduction of the Covid-19 Additional Relief Fund and its respective policy document.PortfolioCouncillor Robert ReadeDecision Confirmed


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